B.D. Upton Builders


Privacy Policy

Tuesday 12th June 2018

What information we gather

We don’t directly gather any personal information about you other than what you send us.
If you send us an email we will use the information you provide for the purpose you requested. It would only be used internally or passed on to do what you requested. e.g if you ask us to tell you when we are next building a two bedroom bungalow in Downham Market we will keep your details to do that.

We don’t and won’t sell your details to anybody else.


We use google analytics to gather information about how people use this website, so we can tell how people use the site and if we can improve it. Your ip address is anonomised so its not written to disk and stored. You can read about googles policies here. If you want to block google analytics your best off using a blocker in your browser, then it will block all sites.

Server Logs

The server will store your ip address in traffic logs which are discarded after a couple of months. We don’t store them after that.

Ne’er-do-well logs

We do create a log of attempts to hack the website, brute force passwords and other ne’er-do-well activities. That does get retained so we can block people and keep blocking them if they misbehave. Your a nice person though so that won’t apply to you.